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Composer Composer Dates Nationality Title Instrumentation Publisher Date of Composition
Aarne, Els b. 1917 RUS Horn concerto horn and orchestra   1958
Anderson-Wuensch, Jean Mary b. 1939 CAN Concerto for horn and strings horn and orchestra   1960
Aubin, Francine b. 1938 FR Concerto for horn and strings horn and orchestra Alphonse 1998
Barnett, Carol b. 1949 USA Concerto for horn and strings horn and orchestra Thompson 1985
Boel, Mer   USA Celebration of the Deep 4 hn and orchestra COMP 2010
Dewhirst, Michelle McQuade b. 1973 USA Chiasmus horn and orchestra Jomar 2002
Firsova, Elena b. 1950 RUS Chamber Concerto No. 4, Op. 37 horn and ensemble Front 1987
Gipps, Ruth 1921-99 UK Concerto, Op. 58 horn and orchestra COMP 1968
Hoover, Katherine b. 1937 USA Summer Night fl, hn, strings   1986
Kern, Frida 1891-1988 AUST Scherzo, Op. 43 horn and orchestra Thomi-Berg 1942
Lutyens, Elisabeth 1906-83 UK Chamber Concerto, Op. 8, No. 4 horn and orchestra Belwin Mills 1946
Merriman, Margarita Leonor b. 1927 USA Concertante horn and orchestra   1976
Musgrave, Thea b. 1928 UK Concerto for Horn horn and orchestra Chester 1977
Musgrave, Thea b. 1928 UK Night Music 2 hn and orchestra   1969
Raum, Elizabeth b. 1945 CAN Sherwood Legend horn and orchestra CMC 1996
Schonthal, Ruth b. 1924 USA Music for Horn and Chamber Orchestra (originally hn and pf) horn and orchestra AMC 1978
Shmotova, Marina     Double Concerto hn, pf, and orchestra with kettledrums   1996
Sleeman, Anita   CAN Concertino horn and orchestra COMP  
Smyth, Dame Ethel Mary 1858-1944 UK Concerto for Violin, Horn, and Orchestra vln, hn, and orchestra Curwen 1927
Thomas, Augusta Reed b. 1964 USA Silver Chants the Litanies horn and orchestra   2003
Vito-Delvaux, Berthe di b. 1915 BEL Concerto #1, Op. 93 horn and orchestra CBDM 1963
Vito-Delvaux, Berthe di b. 1915 BEL Concerto #2, Op. 100 horn and orchestra CBDM 1965
Will, Madeleine b. 1910 FR Sinfonia horn and orchestra    
Zwillich, Ellen Taafe b. 1939 USA Concerto horn and orchestra Merion 1993
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