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Solo Horn

Composer Composer Dates Nationality Title Publisher Date of Composition
Aarne, Els b. 1917 RUS Meditatsia   1970
Arauco, Ingrid b. 1957 USA Onyx COMP 1997
Brouwer, Margaret b. 1940 USA SCHerZOid   1989
Davies, Alison     Four Studies for Solo Horn    
Dinescu, Violeta b. 1953 ROM Es nimmt mich wunder   1994
Erding-Swiridoff, Susanne b. 1955 GER Lieder Eigenverlag/Erding-Swiridoff 1988
Fuller-Hall, Sarah b. 1959 USA Controversy   1978
Gentile, Ada b. 1947 IT Ab imis Ricordi (133693)  
Gomez, Michelle   DOM Darkness of the Night COMP 2000
Grabovsky, L. A. b. 1935 UKR Concorsuono   1977
Gray, Cynthia   USA Solo COMP 1986
Heller, Barbara b. 1936 GER Domino Furore 1994
Hindman, Dorothy   USA Echo COMP 1996
Isaksson, Madeleine b. 1956 SWED Tjarnoga - O bla (The eye of the lake - Blue Island)   1990
Janarcekova, Viera b. 1941 CZ Yan   1995
Jimenez, Huayna   DOM Taracate COMP  
Lejet, Edith b. 1941 FR Soliloque Amphion (A 543)  
Le Siege, Annette b. 1945 USA Shadow Dancer Seesaw  
Malmloff-Forssling, Carin b. 1916 SWED Orizzonte SMIC 1981
Marchesi, Mathilde 1821-1913 GER 24 Vocalizations, Op. 3 for French Horn Hofmeister  
Marshall, Pamela b. 1954 USA Colored Leaves Spindrift 1994
Marshall, Pamela b. 1954 USA Miniatures Seesaw 1973
McKay, Frances Thompson b. 1947 USA Sonances soneri   1975
Mracek, Ann Michelle b. 1956 USA Perturbations   1970
Olive, Vivienne b. 1950 UK Text V Furore (fue 163) 1993
Pocs, Kaitland   HUNG Miniatures for Horn MICH 1988
Raum, Elizabeth   CAN Idiom CMC 1982
Raum, Erika     Confessions of St. Augustine Warwick  
Roger, Denise b. 1924 FR Trois Pices EdFM 1968
Roger, Denise b. 1924 FR Recit Robert Martin (R 2307 M)  
Saint-Marcoux, Micheline Coulombe 1938-85 CAN Composition 1 CMC 1982
Schultz, Kathy     Contemplative Bells COMP 1993
Shepard, Jean Ellen b. 1949 USA Four Pieces   1972
Shreve, Susan Ellan b. 1952 USA Three Pieces   1974
Silver, Sheila b. 1946 USA Dynamis MMB 1978
VanderWoude, Mary     Atonalism Fema 1975
VanderWoude, Mary     French Horn Studies    
VanderWoude, Mary     Studies for the Professional Hornist    
Vercoe, Elizabeth b. 1941 USA Corollaries COMP 2007
Zobel, Emely   GER Flodigarry Furore (fue 309) 1994
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