Level I - elementary

Suitable for beginners. Simple rhythmically with note values generally not beyond occasional sixteenth notes. Includes standard meters (2/4, 3/4, 4/4) and the key signature is not beyond two flats or sharps. The range is limited and the length is probably less than a page with sufficient rest provided.
level 1
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Level II - intermediate

Suitable for intermediate students, typically in their second or third year. Note values are generally not beyond sixteenth notes and there may be some syncopation. May include standard and complex meters (6/8) and the key signature is generally not beyond three sharps or flats. Expanded range. Length is probably a page.
level 2
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Level III - medium difficulty

Suitable for advanced middle school and younger high school students. Note values similar to intermediate level. May include more complex meters (12/8, 9/8, 3/8, 5/4) and the key signature is not beyond 4 sharps or flats. Range does not exceed concert pitch d’’. Length is generally not more than two pages.
level 3
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Level IV - difficult / advanced

Suitable for advanced high school students and younger college music majors. Complex note values, including thirty-second notes. May include frequent meter changes and multiple meters and any key signature. Even more expanded range. Length is no more than four pages with sufficient rest provided. Basic extended techniques such as multiple tonguing, stopped horn, and mutes may be used.

level 4
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Level V - very difficult / virtuosic

Suitable for advanced college-level students and professionals. Extreme demands on the performer in rhythmic and meter complexity, harmony, range, endurance, and extended techniques.