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Horn and Piano Works
Appropriate For Younger Horn Players

Compiled by Lin Foulk, www.linfoulk.org

Composer Birth/Death Dates Nationality Title Publisher Date Timing Level
Firsova, Elena b. 1950 RUS Three Pieces, op. 24a Meladina Press 1980 4:30 I
Firsova, Elena b. 1950 RUS Legend, op. 2a Meladina Press 1967 2:30 II
Hardy, Mabel ?1875-1971 UK Moody Horn Imperial 1974 3:00 II
Hoffman, Laura b. 1948 USA Dances COMP 1985 4:50 II
Nyquist, Morine     Mazurka in A minor Belwin-Mills 1952 3:00 II
Procaccini, Teresa b. 1934 IT Meditazione Seesaw 1981 5:00 II
Rueff, Jeanine b. 1922 FR Cantilene Alphonse (23261) 1963 5:00 II
Uyttenhove, Yolande b. 1925 BEL Etude no. 10, op. 22 CBDM 1967 1:15 II
Gipps, Ruth 1921-99 UK Sonatina, op. 56 Sam Fox 1950 8:00 II/III
Gould, Janetta b. 1926 UK The Highland Horn St. Annes Music 1978 14:00 II/IV
Cecconi-Botella, Monic b. 1936 FR Automne Combre 1962 2:00 III
Pietsch, Edna Frida 1894-1982 USA Canzonetta UW-Mills 1971 4:00 III
Roe, Betty b. 1930 UK Conversation Piece Thames 1999 2:30 III
Salminen, Susan   USA Piempi, op. 26 Emerson 1994 3:30 III
Borroff, Edith b. 1925 USA Sonata Robert King 1954 13:00 III/IV

Level I
Suitable for beginners. Simple rhythmically with note values generally not beyond eighth notes. Includes standard meters (2/4, 3/4, 4/4) and the key signature is not beyond one flat or sharp. Limited range (c-g” ) Length is probably less than a page with sufficient rest provided.

Level II
Suitable for intermediate students, typically in their second or third year. Note values are generally not beyond sixteenth notes and there may be some syncopation. May include standard and complex meters (6/8) and the key signature is generally not beyond two sharps or flats. Expanded range (B-Flat-b-flat”). Length is probably a page.

Level III
medium difficulty
Suitable for advanced middle school and younger high school students. Note values similar to intermediate level. May include more complex meters (12/8, 9/8, 3/8, 5/4) and the key signature is not beyond 4 sharps or flats. Range does not exceed d’’. Length is generally not more than two pages.

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